Nvidia registers "Geforce RTX", Geforce RTX 2080 is 50% faster than GTX 1080

Only a few days ago, Nvidia has registered the brand name "Turing". While there has always been speculation about the Ampere or Turing architecture before, this is the first valid proof that Nvidia associates hardware or software with this name.

Pic. Credit : Wccftech

But Turing was not the only brand name registered by Nvidia. In addition, there were two "RTX" registrations, namely Geforce RTX and Quadro RTX. It is believed that RTX could replace the GTX abbreviation as a reference to the newly deployed raytracing technology, at least in the top models.

Further notes are the Youtube channel AdoredTV. The video shows material from an allegedly internal Nvidia presentation, which is intended to reveal Nvidia's new architecture and designation policy. If this is true, then the new generation of Geforce is actually based on the Turing architecture and the flagship model previously traded as the GTX 1180 or GTX 2080 would now be called the Geforce RTX 2080.

The same applies to the successor to the GTX 1070. According to the new naming scheme, this would be called Geforce RTX 2070. From the successor to the GTX 1060 and below but the old GTX abbreviation should be preserved, possibly these cards do not provide enough power for advanced raytracing techniques.

In addition, there are performance specifications. As a result, an RTX 2080 is reportedly 8% faster than a GTX 1080 Ti or 50% faster than a regular GTX 1080. The GTX 2070 should still be 17% faster than a GTX 1080. In addition, there should be a Titan RTX, which should be 50% faster than a GTX 1080 Ti.

The important thing in the movie is the last. Along with hashtags, Cologne, the venue of gamescom 2018, and NVIDIA's offline event will be displayed on August 20, 2018. At that time, the numbers are "2" "0" " 8 "and" 0 " in this order from the bottom.


The last date of the movie is displayed as "2 .AUG.2 1" with toothlessness and numbers are added in that order to "2" "0" "8" "0"

Recently, a netizen from China posted about the pricing of 2080. The Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 may cost $649 (about £510, AU$890) according to information posted on Baidu from a user who claims to be familiar with an undisclosed board partner’s plans.

The benchmark leaked out from the Ashes of the Singularity database (spotted by TUM APISAK).

One of the reasons why we think this is a legitimate leak from the AOTS database is because the profile is named NVGTLTest009 and interestingly there is another user testing the same GPU – which appears to be the NVIDIA RTX 2080 – called the NVGTLTest007.

Secondly, the device id is very subtle and designed for obscurity – NVIDIA Graphics Device as opposed to something loud like RTX 2080 for example.

In any case, it is certain that the event on August 20th in Germany will not be overlooked by gamers.
Nvidia registers "Geforce RTX", Geforce RTX 2080 is 50% faster than GTX 1080 Nvidia registers "Geforce RTX", Geforce RTX 2080 is 50% faster than GTX 1080 Reviewed by Rajat Negi on August 16, 2018 Rating: 5

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