Best Mobile Games To Play On Flight

Finally about to board the plane tomorrow for that trip you’ve been waiting for days? Hustle around, one last check to see whether you’ve packed everything or not. But hold on, what are you going to do on the flight? What if there are no movies that intrigue you? Maybe you could carry a book. But you’re not sure for how long would you want to read. Well, we come to your rescue here. This idea might sound quite child-like, but it’s definitely going to protect you from the crashing waves of boredom. GAMES! Here’s a list of some of the Best Mobile Games To Play On Flight and games that don’t need WiFi , So you could download for free on your phone to keep yourself occupied.

  1. Temple Run 2

Been there, done that! Well, you’ve probably played this game a million times and are over it. But how about you bring on some nostalgia and try to outpace the cursed idol again with loads of jumping, sliding and ducking? 

You can even commit yourself into setting best score now that you have ample of time which you want to kill. Creating your best score & destroying it as you move up seems like a fun thing to do.

  2. Candy Crush Saga

There are literally no excuses to remain stuck on that same level of knocking down candies when you have so much time to kill on a flight! Crossing every “Nightmarishly Hard” level on Candy Crush has a knack of making you feel empowered. 

The flip side of playing Candy Crush on a commute is ‘lives’ you cannot request lives as you run out of it because requesting lives requires internet connection. On the brighter side, it puts on an alert-mode wherein you’re really conscious before sliding any candy keeping in mind how many chances you’re left with.

  3. Hulabear

If you’re an iPhone user and in the mood to relive that phase of your life when every game seemed fascinating to you, Hulabear is something you must download! Hula-hoop, bear-jiggle, arcade-tap, collect salmon, defuse blowfish, and what not! 

The game may seem silly, but trust me once you get a hang of it; you may even feel addicted to it. Making the bear do the hula, catching the goodies all the while paying attention to time is sure to keep you fixated on the game.

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  4. Doodle jump

That doodle world just seems to give a different sort of satisfaction. Bring back that gaming dedication you had as a child, religiously dodge obstacles, and tap your way to as high as you can get, with the doodle character.

Believe it or not, but this game has paved its way from Java to Android & iOS. It’s a super-addictive offline game after every failure it feels like such a silly thing I fell for, perhaps I can beat the record in the next try & you keep going on until you’re satisfied with the record you have set.  

  5. WordTrek

Put on your thinking hat and test your vocab with WordTrek. All you have to do is guess the correct word from the puzzle and pass through the levels.

Sometimes you will find yourself stuck on a level you have tried every permutation only to find later that the word was very simple and was lying in the plain sight. This game can be super-addictive for people who are on a lookout for enhancing vocabulory.

8. Subway Surfer

Well, you’ve probably played this game and are over it. But how about you bring on some nostalgia and try to outpace the cursed idol again with loads of jumping, sliding and ducking?  The new updates have totally changes the way game used to be. It’s worth a try if you are bored with Temple Run

  7. 94 Percent

Time for some witty and crazy answering. Give answers you think that 94% of an audience would choose, to different questions, over a series of levels.

When in solitude there are random questions that surfaces in the mind. This game is all about random questions. Every gamer of 94% has answered this question, your answer should cater to 94% of the answers to that question, which is really fun & tricky at the same time.

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  8. Taboo

Could you make your team guess the word “apple” without using the words, “fruit” or “vegetable”? If you’re traveling with a group, this game is sure to spike the temperature even when you’re thousands of feet above the ground. Psst… Don’t make too much noise on the flight!

  9. Chain Reaction

You could keep playing this game with a partner or maybe even some random stranger sitting beside you, for hours. A perfect way to kill time by trying to eliminate your opponent’s orbs from the game board!

The game is quite simple no glossy VFX, the concept itself is intriguing which hooks the users.

  10. Dots

Bring back your childhood memories of playing dots on paper. If you’re traveling with a friend, nothing beats the feeling of connecting the dots, just like you used to, only now, on the phone. Time to bring up the experience you gained playing on paper.

So put your gaming skills to test with Best Mobile Games To Play On Flight and have a happy journey, and safe flight! If you have some better suggestions then let us know in the comment section below.