IPL (Indian Premier League) is one of the most loved cricket events that is held in India every year. Seeing the increasing love and craze for IPL amongst the audience, the IPL officials have started the IPL Fantasy league with Dream 11.

Dream 11 which is a fantasy sports platform, is also the first Indian gaming company to enter the “Unicorn Club”. Dream11 was co-founded by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Seth in 2008. MS Dhoni is the brand ambassador of Dream11 and launched the “Dimaag se Dhoni” media campaign.

Dream 11 allows players to create Fantasy Team for Cricket, NBA, Football and Hockey. It allows people to enjoy the experience of creating and owing their prefered teams for all the exciting matches in the series.

Dream11 provides an online platform where players can create a virtual team consisting of real- life players and earn points based on the performances of these players in real matches. The rules and regulations of this IPL Fantasy league are the same as that of IPL.You can play Dream 11 IPL Fantasy Online and via their Mobile App. If you are first-time user, you’ll get a Rs.100 bonus after logging in which you can utilise in any of the ongoing matches. The Dream 11 IPL Fantasy league has created a lot of interest amongst the audience and have taken the craze of T20 cricket on the next level. The game is divided into two parts, Daily Fantasy vs Season Challenge.

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The best tip for anyone who is starting Dream 11 team at the IPL fantasy league is to pick up the players in the high batting order. Choosing the good all-rounders will also be beneficial for the teams. The ideal strategy to win the IPL fantasy league is to have consistently performing players.

A user who scores the maximum points in his joined contest attains the first rank on the leader-board followed by highest rewards.

The Point are in accordance to this rule, which should be kept in mind while choosing the team.

  • A batsman gets 1 point on every 2-run scored and a bowler gets 10 points on every wicket taken.
  • Thus, a batsman’s 20 runs are equivalent to 1 wicket by a bowler.
  • Every catcher gets +4 and direct thrower for run outs get +6.
  • There are bonus points on boundary hit like (+0.5) for a four and (+1) for a six.
  • There are bonus points on maiden(+4),4 wicket(+4) and 5 wicket hauls(+8) for bowler.
  • Keep in mind there are also penalty negative points(-2) on duck and also on high economy rates over 9(-1/-2/-3).
  • There are other special points on century(+8) or better economy rates(-1/2/3).
  • A all-rounder who can bring points with all three departments is best choice.Winners mostly choose 3 all-rounders.

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IPL 2019 has seen a lot of new users of Dream11 beacause of which the platform has hit the 50 million user mark. Now with World Cup coming into the picture, everyone’s very excited to win as many points as they can. What are you waiting for? Go register yourself and get geared up for the upcoming matches.