What is this feature about ?
Wi-Fi signal bridge dramatically expands the transmission scope and enhances the strength of Wi-Fi signals. You can share a Wi-Fi network with others using a Wi-Fi signal bridge.
In network terms it acts as a repeater. It’s like Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Tethering working in parallel.

In Simple words
Wi-Fi Bridge joins two Wi-Fi networks together, often for the purpose of increasing the coverage area of a Wi-Fi hotspot. 

If you are using Huawei or honor phones then you are lucky because they already have  bundled the option of Wi-Fi Bridge in their U.I (User Interface).

How to Connect?
1. Touch Settings, and then go to More > Tethering & portable hotspot
2. Touch Wi-Fi bridge, then touch the toggle button for Wi-Fi bridge
3. Touch Configure Wi-Fi bridge to set the Wi-Fi hotspot name and password
4. On another device, find the Wi-Fi hotspot you have configured and enter the password. If the device successfully connects to the hotspot, it will now have access to the Wi-Fi network which you just created.

And if you not using Huwaei or honor phone then you will be missing these features in your phone. However, you can use the NetShare App to use the feature of Wi-Fi Bridge. The app uses the Wi-Fi direct technology to create Wi-Fi hotspot for sharing internet and fully control and monitor your connection via Wi-Fi direct.

You can DOWNLOAD this app from the Google Play Store

Note: The app may be blocked by some carriers in your country if so please download the app directly from here: NetShare

Connection Instructions for NetShare
iPhone / iPad / iPod




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