Windows 11 update fixes SSD and HDD performance issues

Windows 11
Windows 11

Windows 11 has been struggling with a bug that causes hard drives and SSDs to perform poorly for some time now. Microsoft said it solved the problem with an update KB5007262 in early December, although some users report that their storage is still not working properly. The developer has now released patch KB5008353, which according to Windows Latest seems to be effective. 

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For example, the website has already been able to get started with the update, which, in its own words, has shown that the bug is fully resolved. In addition, Feedback Hub users have also confirmed that they no longer have any performance issues and that the operating system feels faster. 

In addition to inconsistent HDD and SSD performance, KB5008353 fixes a variety of bugs and issues, including the incorrect display of colours on some displays with HDR enabled. The full patch notes can be found on the Microsoft website (link).


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