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itel emerges as the most popular brand in the sub-INR 7,000 smartphone segment: CMR


As per new CMR Insights on the go Survey findings from CyberMedia Research (CMR), over the course of the pandemic, the smartphone (in the sub-INR 7000 segment) has been a key enabler of human lives. In the pandemic year, Indians spend over 522 hours on online education, and over 738 hours on infotainment on their smartphones. In the sub-INR 7000 smartphone segment, consumers seek the best-in-class specs, and value for money offerings. itel has made rapid gains in the India smartphone market and is now a clear leader. itel leads the competition in this smartphone segment, in terms of current brand satisfaction, advocacy and future consideration. itel users are most satisfied with its product quality, price and value for money. itel has the highest NPS (60%) followed by realme (58%) and Xiaomi (54%).

Here are the key study highlights in the sub-INR 7,000 smartphone segment:

  • Smartphone Purchase Considerations

o Nearly two in every three smartphone users visit nearby mobile store for purchasing smartphone.

o In purchasing their next smartphone, consumers trust recommendation from loved ones (79%) as well as retailers (77%).

  • Smartphone Brandscape (Sub INR 7000 smartphone segment)

Consumer Satisfaction: itel (98%), realme (96%) and Xiaomi (96%) consumers are the most satisfied with their smartphones. City wise, itel has got 100% satisfaction in Bengaluru, Chandigarh and Guwahati. realme has got 100% satisfaction in Delhi, Kolkata and Jaipur. Xiaomi has got 100% satisfaction in Lucknow, Bhubaneswar and Indore.

Brand Advocacy: Net Promoter Score (NPS) of itel is the highest (60%) followed by realme (58%) and Xiaomi (54%). City wise, itel scores highest in Bengaluru (78%), Chandigarh (75%) and Jaipur (68%) whereas realme scores highest in Delhi (76%) and Chennai (72%).

Future smartphone brand consideration: Amongst consumers, itel is the most considered choice (59%), followed by Samsung (50%) for future purchase. City wise, itel is the most considered choice for upgrade in Guwahati (82%), Chennai (79%) and Jaipur (75%). Similarly, Samsung is the most considered choice for upgrade in cities such as Delhi (83%), Bangalore (78%) and Lucknow (70%)

Brand Imagery:

▪ Samsung wins for ease of availability, product quality, and good after-sales service

▪ Consumers associate itel with trendy technology, sleek design, good quality at affordable prices

▪ realme scores with consumers for its design aesthetics, product quality and high repeat purchase

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  • Smartphones as Life Enablers:

Online Education:

▪ 56% smartphone users have enrolled for new online education programs since the pandemic began.q

▪ Byjus (38%), Unacademy (17%) and Vedantu (17%) are the most preferred apps for digital courses.

Mobile Payments:

▪ 58% smartphone users undertake digital transaction on their smartphones; Indians spend close to INR 8,500, mostly for digital payments.

▪ PhonePe (69%), Google Pay (62%) and Paytm (46%) are the most popular apps for digital payments.


▪ 28% smartphone users spend around INR 1000 on infotainment per month.

▪ Amazon PrimeVideo (41%), Gaana (28%) and Dailyhunt (15%) are the top three apps for entertainment, music and news.

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