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New Google Camera PX Mod lets you Manually Enable Astro and Light painting modes with Tons of Tweaks [APK Download]


The new Google Camera port for Pixel smartphones contains many additional features. Many older-gen Pixels miss out on many camera features. Many Google Camera mods help alleviate that new-Pixel envy by bringing some exclusive options to previous-gen Pixels.

Cstark27 collaborated with two other XDA members to bring most of the Pixel 4’s features to older devices, as well as enable new options that aren’t officially available in Google’s own Camera app. Chief among the changes is a manual telephotography toggle and a light painting mode, but there’s much more to delve into.

Astro and Light Painting

Cstark27 has published a new Camera PX 4.0 application , which is based on Google Camera version 7.2.014. One of the main innovations is the ability to manually turn on the astrophotography mode. First you need to activate this option in the settings (Settings – PX Mod Settings – Enable Astrophotography Buttons). After that you will have two buttons. The first includes astrophotography mode, the second – light drawing mode.

In addition, the Lib Patcher feature has been added to Camera PX 4.0. It allows you to control the entire process of post-processing photos. So you can experiment with the capabilities of Google Camera.

Also in the application you can find a number of additional features. In particular, you can choose a mode in which Camera PX 4.0 will start by default, enable the built-in photo viewer, force recording Time Lapse in 4K format (instead of Full HD), and more.


Download Camera PX 4.0 at this link .

Rajat Negi
Rajat Negi
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