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Sorbene Launches UV Air Purifier that Minimizes Chances of Indoor Airborne Spread of Coronavirus


Clean tech start-up Log 9 Spill Containment has come up with a timely, need-based innovation in the form of a first-of-its-kind indoor air purifier named ‘Sorbene’ UV Air Purifier. The novel purification device, which is the latest addition to Log 9 Spill’s ‘Sorbene’ product range, has been scientifically designed to decontaminate aerosol particles (present in the air), and thus minimize/eliminate chances of airborne spread of Coronavirus within indoor spaces.

One of the key functions of this newly launched Purifier will be to expose indoor air to 253.7 nm wavelength UV-C light, which has been scientifically proven as one the most lethal UV wavelengths for inactivating/killing various harmful microorganisms, including Coronaviruses. Additionally, this product consists of a Graphene nanotechnology-based antimicrobial filtration system which removes or filters out residual products of disinfection and other odor and gaseous pollutants.

Notably, Log 9 Spill Containment is a subsidiary concern of Log 9 Materials — a nanotechnology start-up that has already designed and commercialized a leading UV disinfection product named ‘CoronaOven’, which is used to sanitize object surfaces and aims to prevent surface-to-human transmission of the virus. Based on the technology or the scientific principle of UV Germicidal Irradiation upon which ‘CoronaOven’ is built and their know-how vis-à-vis the superior ultra-filtration and absorption properties of the material Graphene, Log 9 and Log 9 Spill’s teams have worked hand-in-hand over the past few weeks to develop the ‘Sorbene’ UV Air Purifier and to make it market-ready.

From the structural point of view, the ‘Sorbene’ UV Air Purifier consists of three parts as described below:

1. A top fan with 360° airflow design pushes clean air out in all directions, including the areas which conventional air purifiers miss. The air is pushed in all directions and up to the ceiling quickly, and the tilt at the delivery point directs clean air to the entire room and ensures even distribution.


2. A middle Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation Chamber having an in-built UV-C lamp emitting UV rays of 253.7 nm wavelength. As the air passing through the chamber gets exposed to the UV-C rays, it attacks Coronaviruses and other types of pathogens. The chamber has a safety-first design and is made with UV-C safe materials, which not only ensures safe operations, but also blocks UV-C rays from going outside the chamber, so that outside personnel do not get affected.


3. Triple-layer Filter Configuration at the bottom part, which includes:

▪ First-stage filtration is the preliminary filter. It blocks large dust particles, hairs, etc.

▪ Second-stage filtration is HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter. It removes at least 99.95% of the small particles whose diameter is up to 0.3 μm. The filter is made with a fine mesh of glass fiber membrane which can trap bacteria and fine particles such as pollen, mite feces, and allergens.

▪ Third-stage filtration is the most-effective Graphene-Sorb filter. It contains a 3-D arrangement of Graphene to filter out the smallest, microbial particles like viruses, paint particles, smoke and smog, existing foul odour and also the foul smell that gets generated due to the long-term use of air purifiers.

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Notably, for a room with an area of 250 sq. ft., the product can circulate clean air with up to@ 12 air changes per hour, The overall concentration of pathogenic aerosols in a closed room can be reduced by 99% in as low as 25 minutes with the Sorbene UV Air Purifier. The efficacy of the product has been recently tested at the laboratories of IISC- Bangalore, and the product will be available for commercial buying by the end of this week.

In the upcoming months, even amid the growing threat of the pandemic, as it becomes imperative to resume educational, entertainment and other normal life activities on a large scale (including opening up offices, cinema halls, etc.), installing the Sorbene UV Air Purifier can go a long way in helping us remain healthy and protect us from contracting the virus while being in indoor settings. It will ensure a safe working environment as we start going back to our offices, schools and our favourite hangout places.


Rajat Negi
Rajat Negi
Rajat Negi is the founder of Gizmo Tech and is an active blogger and social media influencer. Rajat has contributed to several articles for various publishers. He also works as a social media influencer for various popular brands. Rajat can be reached at [email protected]


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