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4 Ways to speed up you Android device


A slow smartphone is definitely something that people worry about. The frequent crash of apps or maybe the slow loading time there can be various other reason to start hating your old device, but here are few tips and tricks to make your old device restore its original performance.

1. Check the free space in the phone memory and flash drives

Each installed application takes up space, and if it is still running in the background, then it consumes RAM. Consequently, if there are a large number of them, the smartphone may be overloaded and will periodically slow down.

Go to “Settings”, then find the section “Memory”. It displays the amount of used and free memory of your device. Make sure that the memory of your smartphone and flash card is free at least 20%.

Remove unused applications. All applications that you do not use, you need to remove. Yes, it is difficult psychologically. It will be a pity to delete something from the phone. Believe me, it is necessary! Feel free to erase those applications that you did not open within a month, and proceed to the next item.

Clearing the gallery, downloads. You may have a lot of space taken by photos, pictures, videos and other media files. There is an option to transfer part of the files to an external drive (hard disk, flashcard), or to online storage (GoogleDrive, Yandex. Disk). Do not forget about the Downloads / Downloads folder. All downloaded files from the Internet by default are downloaded to this folder.

Clean the cache. This is a temporary data warehouse. It must be periodically released. Go to “Settings” -> “Memory” -> “Cache data / Clear cache”.

2. Disable unnecessary applications in system settings

After you have made sure that there is enough free memory space, you need to do the following:

Battery use, To see which applications load the most RAM and use the battery:

Go to “Settings” -> “About phone” -> find the item “Build number” and click on it about 5-7 times. The hidden menu “For Developers” will open.
Go back to “Settings”, click on the section “For Developers” -> “Process Statistics”. You will see detailed statistics on the use of battery applications. Examine it and select the programs you want to stop/delete.
Disable background applications. This is perhaps one of the primary actions. Click on “Settings” -> “Applications” -> select the one you want to disable.

The question appears: “Which applications to stop or disable?”. The answer will be simple. Anyone that consumes a lot of resources can be tried off. For example, if you stop “Google Search / Google Search”, the voice search will stop working and Google Now will display free RAM. A simple search through Google Chrome will not be affected. It is because of the large number of background applications that android slows down. The only remark, if you do not know what an application is doing, it is better not to touch it, especially if it takes up little space and practically does not use the battery.

3. Widgets

These are graphical elements on the desktop – display of weather, large clocks or notes on the device screen. They also consume RAM. To increase performance, it is recommended to disable them. Although small, but the speed increase will be.

3. Viruses

Install antivirus. If you suspect that your phone is infected with a virus, there are two possible solutions:
Install an antivirus from Google Play Store. There are various paid and free antivirus available on the Play Store

4. Extreme step – Factory Reset

Resetting the system to the factory settings is a necessary step to solve the problem of the hang of the smartphone.

Important! Save all the data that is valuable to you, since all the contents of the flash drive and phone memory will be deleted! Take care of contacts and other information. Copy them to a SIM card or online storage (Google).
Go to “Settings” -> “Restore and reset / Backup and reset” -> “Reset settings / General reset” -> “Reset phone settings”.

An alternative is to buy a new device.
If the smartphone still hangs, then it is worth considering whether it is time to change it to a more productive model?

And what do you do when your device slows down? Let us know in the comment section below.

Rajat Negi
Rajat Negi
Rajat Negi is the founder of Gizmo Tech and is an active blogger and social media influencer. Rajat has contributed to several articles for various publishers. He also works as a social media influencer for various popular brands. Rajat can be reached at [email protected]


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