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Antec VP500PC [Review]: A Worthy Budget PSU


Quick Features of the Antec VP 500 PC

VP500PC promises 82% efficiency with 500W continuous power supply that puts it in the list of bronze certified products. Antec is one of the few companies that include dual 12V rails in their budget  range of PSU’s which you won’t  find in the products of top-notch companies like Corsair and Cooler Master. But that doesn’t mean dual rails hold a better advantage as compared to single rails. It is actually a cost-effective and cunning marketing strategy implemented by most of the companies to lure the customers.

The main advantage of having multiple 12V rails on any Power supply Unit is double protection from OCP (Over Current Protection). Over current protection is a safety feature that prevents your power supply from exceeding the amount of current present on each rail. This can happen if the component or device requires more current than available on 12V Rail of SMPS and causes the SMPS to overload, which can result into crashing of systems, burning of cables or explosion of your power supply! If OCP is present on the SMPS then the SMPS will shut down if the current on 12V rail exceeds it recommended rating.

The VP500PC can easily handle any mid-range GPU like GTX 1060 or GTX 1050Ti. The SMPS also offers high-security grade features like Circuit Shield to prevent current surge as well as voltage fluctuations.

Cooling inside is handled by Yate Loon D12SM-12, 120mm fan have a maximum of 1650 rpm. / Min., 33 db noise and airflow of 70.5 CFM.

Basic Connectors with Antec VP 500PC

6+2 PCI-e Connector: It comes with two 6+2 PCI-e Connectors which makes it an ideal unit for using with any of the latest mid to high range graphics cards. You can easily run a Mid-range graphic card that uses a 6 pin PCI-e or a 8 pin PCI-e connector in SLI or CrossFire making it an ideal choice for gamers who want sheer power and no hassle from their computers.

4+4 ATX12V Connector: This feature not only makes it ideal to be used with power hungry processing beasts like the AMD RYZEN 7 Octa-core processors but also with high end processors/motherboards that require a combined 4+4 ATX12V CPU connector also known as a 8-pin EPS12V connector.

4xSATA Connectors: This is common in a 500W PSU but it’s worth mentioning over here as it is available at a very competitive price tag. With this you can easily connect up to four HDD/SSD/optical devices.

The most important 24 (20+4) pin-connector and a single 8 (4+4) pin connector readily available. Nowadays, most of the mobo’s prefer 8 pin connectors over 4 pin one’s that were used in traditional mobo’s. Furthermore, you get 3 Molex cables, 4 SATA connectors, 1 Floppy, a single PCI-E 6 pin and 2 PCI-E 8 (6+2) pin connectors as well. The PCI-E 6 and 8 pin connectors are generally used to juice up your graphics card. The floppy connector really seems irrelevant. Perhaps, this could come in handy to some antique rig owners.


The Antec VP500PC is almost an ideal budget PSU for mid-range gaming and regular PC’s as well. Although, there are some tough competitors like Cooler Master MWE 450 and Thermaltake LITEPOWER 450W which are available at the same price range, the VP500PC steals the show with its state-of-the-art power distribution system, security technologies, and performance. Probably, you won’t find anything better at this price range. With 2 years of Warranty and a price around ₹2,800. Antec VP500PC is one among the best budget PSU both for gaming and normal utilities. If you are looking for a good mid-range gaming SMPS available at an affordable price range, the VP500PC is definitely a deal for you.

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Rajat Negi
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