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Intel CPU 2018-2021 Roadmap Leaks Out: No Desktop 10nm Chips before 2022


According to Dell’s roadmaps, Intel will primarily serve the mobile segment with 10nm processors in the coming years. In the desktop area, Comet Lake and Rocket Lake with ten cores and 14 nm have to compete against AMD’s Ryzen 3000/4000 at 7 (+) nm.

Intel will not release 10nm desktop chips for at least two years. This is the result of Dell’s roadmaps published by the major Dutch hardware site Tweakers . The data closely matches Intel’s own, with partners offering their products a bit later compared to the time when processors are available at retail. The roadmaps prove that Intel sets the focus clearly on low-power mobile at 10 nm and its advantages.

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In the desktop segment, the Coffee Lake Refresh S is up to date, specifically chips such as the Core i9-9900K with eight cores as the top model. Comet Lake S will follow in the second quarter of 2020 – other roadmaps call the first quarter. These processors continue to be manufactured in 14 nm, but have ten cores. For the spring of 2021, a refresh is planned, the CPUs are internally referred to as Rocket Lake and are marked until the fourth quarter. This implies that there will be no 10nm desktop chips before 2022.

The situation is similar with the notebook models with 45 watts, here are the Coffee Lake Refresh H with eight cores of the state of things. Unsurprisingly, Intel plans to replace them with the Comet Lake H in the second quarter of 2020, ie 45-watt models with ten cores. Again, no 10 nm processors are listed in the roadmap until the end of 2021.

Intel plans for Comet Lake U with four cores and LPDDR4 memory support in early summer 2019 as a successor to the Whiskey Lake U . Rocket Lake U looks particularly uncertain with six cores in 14 nm and a graphics unit in 10 nm from early summer 2020. In the summer of 2019, however, Ice Lake U will start with 15 watts as a quad core in 10 nm, albeit with limited availability. Also a dual-core version as Ice Lake Y following on Amber Lake Y is planned, also with limited quantities.

The successor of Ice Lake U / Y is Tiger Lake Y / U, the roadmaps lead the 10-nm design from spring 2021 but with a TBD addition and thus uncertain starting time. Surprisingly, Lakefield will be available this spring – that’s the name of a 10 nm chip that combines core and atomic architecture. Speaking of which: Elkhard Lake with Tremont nuclear cores in 10 nm is planned for spring 2020.

AMD, meanwhile, plans for the summer of 2019 the Ryzen 3000 alias Matisse with 8 cores and 16 cores in a 7 nm process. The Ryzen 4000 alias Vermeer are scheduled for 2020 and may originate from the TSMC N7 + process.

Rajat Negi
Rajat Negi
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