Now use your fingerprint reader in Google Chrome (Beta 70) to identify yourself in web pages

It is clear that one of the best inclusions we have seen in smartphones in recent years is a fingerprint reader with which to unlock quickly and very securely our terminal. Since then we have seen fingerprint readers both in the back and in the front, extended across the screen, in-display or in a specific area, but has always had one functionality, that of unlocking the smartphone.
Now, Google expands its possibilities through the use of its browser, Chrome, and the power to log into different web pages through the use of your fingerprint. This greatly expands the use of this feature, already present in virtually all smartphones sold today. Through the fingerprint sensor we can identify ourselves in different web pages and thus access our account in it, but this has a “problem”.
The API that handles this must be used by both parties, both with Chrome and the pages in question, which hinders and slows down the expansion of this feature since the pages are those that should be responsible for implementing the API . Be that as it may, with Beta 70 Chrome is enabled this function, already available but in very few websites at the moment. Let’s hope it expands in a good way and we can navigate and identify ourselves safely with a single touch of a finger.
If you want to try it, you can download Chrome 70 Beta from the Play Store, link below.


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