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Oncam Introduces C-Series, A Compact and Powerful360-degree Camera Line


Oncam, the provider of premium 360-degree video capture technologies, announced today the introduction of its powerful and compact C-Series and the first two cameras of this line, the C-12 Indoor and the C-12 Outdoor Plus, both featuring a 12MP sensor and powered by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Designed to support mission- critical video surveillance and security deployments, the Oncam C-Series provides the performance, resilience, scalability, and ease of use required of advanced 360-degree fisheye solutions.

Built on Oncam’s expertise spanning more than 15 years in 360-degree video technology, the C- Series delivers higher frame rates, crisp images and bandwidth reduction technology, increasing functionality, as well as ensuring the creation of products that are both intuitive and user- friendly.

The Oncam C-12 cameras feature Oncam’s award-winning dewarping technology, seamless ONVIF implementation, and integration with the major VMS platforms, with processing power from Qualcomm Technologies, that enables this next generation of high-tech video from Oncam.

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Oncam’s C-Series uses cutting-edge algorithms and technology to deliver access to reliable, secure, and clear images that provide organizations with enhanced situational

awareness. Oncam’s commitment to open solutions and the C-12’s advanced, intuitive user interface also delivers the freedom to configure and tailor the camera to specific requirements ideal for a variety of markets. The C-12 cameras enable users to harness the power of video with innovations pioneered by Oncam, including:

· Market-leading framerates: Oncam C-12 Cameras stream 55 fps at full resolution, significantly outperforming other 360-degree cameras in the market today. This performance allows for the capability to maintain the chosen frame rate up to 30 fps on the primary stream even with up to three other streams running. Benefit from full frame rate video without sacrificing the flexibility for secondary streams. Alternatively experience best in class performance and image quality of 25 fps with TrueDetail HDR.

· StreamLite Compression: The C-series’ advanced real-time adaptive video encoder enhancement technology applied to both H.264 and H.265. StreamLite reduces bandwidth and storage space required by more than 50% and in scenes with no motion, it minimizes the encoded stream by more than 90% with minimal impact on the final image quality; but most of all, without compromising on the details that matter the most. Integrated VMS/NVR partners have access to StreamLite+, and they can achieve an additional 20% compression thanks to the advanced capabilities of Oncam’s ColorMap Compression. This patented pre-compression color optimization works with other Oncam compression technologies to reduce bandwidth and storage with no perceptible impact on image quality.

· TrueDetail HDR: Allows both dark and light areas within the same image to be visible while revealing critical details in both dark and bright areas of a scene. TrueDetail HDR captures two frames concurrently, and by minimizing the time lag between short and long exposures, it delivers bright and sharp images with minimal motion blur.

· Advanced Light Management Technology: Dynamically manages the available light to achieve the best results in every corner of every 360-degree scene. Whether it be extreme low light or a complex mixed lighting environment, it automatically optimizes image quality whatever light is available to produce clearer, full-color, lower noise surveillance videos, while maintaining the sharpness of static or moving objects even in very low-light conditions.

Oncam’s C-Series cameras are available to the market through a network of trusted Strategic Alliance Partners, including some of the largest and trusted brands across the globe. The C-12 cameras are available with multiple accessories and mounting options for both the Indoor and Outdoor Plus models.

Rajat Negi
Rajat Negi
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