Players who are a big fan of console gaming will know that Sony’s PlayStation 5 is not far away from us. Although there is no official information about the PS5, according to the current unofficial details, at least two key features are definitely appearing on the PS5.

These two key features are backwards compatible with the new BD-XL disc.

First of all, Sony is releasing the new BD-XL disc earlier today. It plans to officially launch this new BD-XL disc next month, which can store up to 128GB of data in 4 layers, each of which can hold 32GB. data. As the size of modern game files increases, discs that can hold larger files have become a necessity. For example, the recent “Wild Dart 2” almost exceeded 100GB on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Sony also listed the PC version of the BD-XL disc in the fourth quarter of 2019. Considering that the current mainstream game PC capacity is larger than the host, Sony is very good to prepare for the future ahead of time.

Second, it is Sony’s backward compatibility. Sony hasn’t really focused on backward compatibility in the past, but Microsoft’s Xbox One is backwards compatible, attracting a lot of praise and players, which also forced Sony to consider this issue. Sony’s recent exposure to a patent reveals that Sony is embarking on backward compatibility with the PS5.

As a result, PS Now has become a backwards-compatible, hasty replacement and has not received support from players. And if the PS5 can support PS4, PS3, PS2 or even PS1 games, this will be Sony’s perfect game console.