UL Benchmarks Unveils 3DMark Test for SSDs and Other Storage Media Based on Real Workloads

Until now, 3DMark mainly focused on processors and graphics cards, but now storage media must also be able to be tested easily and reliably. 3DMark parent company UL Benchmarks has revealed this.

The 3DMark Storage Benchmark is not specifically suitable for SSDs, in principle all types of storage media can be tested with the benchmark. However, it is mainly aimed at faster storage media. The software maker states that many tests for storage media are based on synthetic workloads, which simulate the most ideal test conditions. As a result, they don’t always give a good idea of ​​​​actual performance, and UL Benchmarks says they can solve this.

The Storage Benchmark uses portions of existing, hands-on gaming-related workloads. The developer cites seven examples of tests processed in the benchmark:

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  • Loading Battlefield V from the opening menu
  • Loading Call of Duty 4: Black Ops from the Opening Menu
  • Loading Overwatch from the opening menu
  • Play Overwatch at 60 fps and full HD resolution while recording with OBS
  • Install Outer Worlds from the Epic Games Launcher
  • Save game progress in Outer Worlds
  • Copy the Counter Strike: Golbal Offensive Steam folder from an external SSD to the system drive.

It must be able to handle both internal and external drives. It is available now on Steam and on the UL Benchmarks website for $3.

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