Pocophone F1 made by Xiaomi finally officially got an update to Android 9 or often called Android Pie. This can be seen from the announcement of one of the top leaders on social media.

It was Donovan Sung, Xiaomi’s Director of Product Management who spit it out. He announced the launch of Android Pie in the Pocophone via Twitter on his personal Twitter account.If you see the contents of the tweet, the Android Pie update can be downloaded in the Pocophone. A number of netizens also claimed to have downloaded it with, it appeared from a reply received by Donovan’s tweet.

Previously, when it was launched in India at the end of last August, Pocophone was scheduled to get an update to Android Pie. The update will reach your device in the coming weeks if not days. To recap, the new version brings some new features including Adaptive Battery, gesture-based navigation, and app slices. Poco F1 is the cheapest smartphone in the market with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.