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coocaa Transforms the Global Smart TV Market with Introduction of New Coolita OS


coocaa, launched Coolita OS, the brand’s very first self-developed smart TV operating system (OS), at the Coolita Global Launch event. Initially available in select Southeast Asian markets including India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, the new OS is set to transform the smart TV experience, delivering a lighter, smoother, and more convenient user experience for today’s Internet-driven generation.

Driving Innovations to Fill the Industry Gap

The over-the-top (OTT) TV market continues to develop and expand across the globe, by and large due to the pandemic and the increased amount of time that people are spending at home watching TV. Although, smart TV’s tend to be pricey owing to the complex hardware and software installed on them, many households in Southeast Asia are looking for budget-friendly alternatives that can satisfy their demand for access to quality entertainment, including TV shows, movies, games and more.

In addition, those that are using smart TV’s generally have three major pain points: a lack of TV memory space due to the size of the OS itself, frequent system freezes, and complicated user interfaces.

Armed with these market findings, coocaa has launched Coolita, a new sub-brand that focuses on TV OS and services development, its proprietary solution to these evolving consumer needs.

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Coolita OS 1.0

Coolita OS is a lite Web OS built on Linux kernel that offers a lighter, smoother, and more convenient smart TV experience. With a “Cool & Clear” design concept in mind, Coolita OS 1.0 features a simplistic and easy-to-navigate user interface. Coolita OS 1.0 comes with an array of entertainment options and applications to enjoy. The latest YouTube 2021 app offers unlimited access to high-quality videos, while CC Plus, a comprehensive integrated streaming platform supported by Coolita OS, offers a range of global and local content with real-time updates, and customized content recommendations.With the exclusive CC Cast, a proprietary technology developed by coocaa, users can project content from an Android device onto the TV screen without any Internet or Wi-Fi connection by connecting to the local area network (LAN) from the TV. Other entertainment options include pre-installed lite cloud games, a built-in Internet browser, an app store and more.

To accommodate the different needs of discerning consumers, Coolita OS 1.0 also features various user-friendly functions, including a Data Saver that provides real-time data reminders to help people easily manage their data usage, and an Eye Protection Mode to provide a comfortable and enjoyable low-blue-light viewing experience.

coocaa S3U Pro

coocaa S3U Pro
coocaa S3U Pro

As the first smart TV in the world to feature Coolita OS 1.0, the coocaa S3U Pro features a 32-inch Direct View LED (DLED) screen with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. With a screen ratio of 16:9 and five picture modes to choose from (Standard, Vivid, Game, Movie and Sports), the TV adopts a series of picture quality enhancement technologies to deliver outstanding details, optimize colors and reduce noise to present true-to-life pictures. In addition, it delivers a rich and immersive audio experience with two 10W high-power single speakers, coocaa Sound AES (Audio Enhanced Surround) technology, as well as Dolby Audio effects.

The coocaa S3U Pro is available on Flipkart at an affordable price of just INR14,999, helping to bridge the price gap between traditional TV’s and Android TV’s currently on the market, all the while delivering great smart TV experiences.

To thank consumers for their continued support, coocaa will launch a special introductory sale on Flipkart from September 4-6, where the coocaa S3U Pro will be available for the discounted price of INR12,999. In addition, coocaa is offering its new users a one-year comprehensive service warranty across India through more than 50 service centers.

Rajat Negi
Rajat Negi
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