Gboard for iOS and Android lets users create emoji that look like you

Google has recently announced an update to the Gboard keyboard that presents a new sticker, plus the ability to allow users to make emojis with their own faces. “Making emojis on Gboard is very easy, users can create emojis with different hair colours, different skin colours, glasses, zits, etc” Jennifer Daniel, Expression Google’s Creative Director. You can also make zombie emojis that are suitable for Halloween. This feature resembles Memoji on an iPhone or AR Emoji made by Samsung. If you want to make Emoji from GBoard, users can follow these steps:
  1. Make sure the user installs the latest version of Gboard. If it can’t be updated first.
  2. Open the message, e-mail, or browser to access the keyboard (make sure the keyboard settings on the phone use Gboard as the default).
  3. After that, tap the emoji icon and select the Sticker icon at the bottom of the keyboard. Select “Create”.
  4. Take a photo of the face (selfie). Make sure the lighting around the user is enough for photos, and the results of a good sticker. Next, Gboard will provide several face model options. Choose what users like and tap on the choice.
  5. Users can then change Mini Emoji to make it look more similar. Users can also change their face shape, hair colour, nose shape and more.
  6. After that, select “Save” in the upper right corner.
  7. Done, now users will be presented with various Mini Emoji stickers that can be sent to relatives. As mentioned above, these emojis are in the form of stickers, which means users can send them to Android and iOS users without problems.
This feature is available all over the world on both the Android and iOS platforms. Although it is quite unique, users can only make stickers based on one face, so use it as best as possible.


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