Huawei Kicked from the Association of SD Card & WiFi Alliance, the effect?


The US restrictions that hit Huawei is not over after being cut off from cooperation with Google to the ARM Card, the Chinese technology giant has now been kicked from the SD Association and the Wi-Fi Alliance. What is the effect?

It is worth noting that the SD Association is a non-profit organization that establishes standard SD and microSD cards. With the removal of this association, Huawei is not permitted to make cellphones with SD Card or microSD slots.

The existence of a microSD slot is indeed quite useful to increase storage capacity. Especially for middle-class cellphones that specifications mediocre internal memory.

However, it seems this is not a big problem for Huawei. Because, besides being able to increase the internal memory capacity on his cellphone, Huawei has developed its own NanoSD card.

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Another case with the issuance of him from the WiFi Alliance membership. The decision will not be felt in the short term, on the contrary, the effect will appear on long-term business. WiFi Alliance is a certification consortium on devices connected with WiFi technology products. In it, there are many big names, like Apple, Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom, and others.

Now, by removing the name Huawei from membership does not mean he cannot produce devices with WiFi technology. The consequence is that it cannot participate in deciding the direction of WiFi development in the future.

It could be that Huawei and the Chinese government are developing their own WiFi consortium or joining another consortium based outside the US. Even so, without WiFi Alliance membership, Huawei will find it difficult to compete in the global market.


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