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Intel Releases Six-Core Xeon E-2100 Processor with Intel UHD 630: Tailored for Entry-Level Workstations


Intel has officially announced their latest Xeon E-2100 processor (Xeon E-2100), which is a successor to the “God U” Intel Xeon E3 processor based on Coffee Lake Architecture.

The new processors are aimed at entry-level workstations and deliver a range of features that allow systems to be more productive and deliver a very powerful, single-threaded application performance with a platform optimized for reliability and affordability.

The Xeon E-2100 family is designed for entry-level desktop workstations (high-end Xeon scalable, mainstream Xeon W), designed to help creative people gain a powerful and reliable platform. Single-threaded application performance.
According to official data from Intel, the performance of the Xen E-2100 is up to 1.36 times that of the Xeon E3-1200 v6. In the application scenarios of financial / 3D modeling /animation, the speed is 45% faster and the high load calculation speed is 33% faster.

Basic specifications based on 14nm++ process, support C246 chipset (LGA1151 interface), and maximum dual channel 64GB DDR4-2666 ECC memory.

These processors are available with Intel UHD graphics supported by a broad set of workstation applications. The processor offers Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory – a key feature to maximize data integrity and improve system stability.

Xeon E-2100 contains 11 models (2104G is not on the official road-map, only for specific customers). The top model in the system is Xeon E-2186G, 6-core 12-thread, base frequency 3.8GHz, single-core acceleration. Up to 4.7GHz, integrated UHD P630 core display (350~1200MHz, support 4K, HEVC 10-bit hardware acceleration), thermal design power consumption 95W, recommended price of 450 US dollars.

According to the company, the performance of the new Xeon E-2100 Series chips is up to 1.36 times faster than 2017’s Xeon E3-1200 v6 processor family. Compared to the 2017 chips, you’ll supposedly see up to 1.45 times faster financial services applications, up to 1.36 times faster compute-intensive applications, and up to 1.45 times faster 3D modeling and animation applications.


The Xeon E-2100 is not available to purchase to build your own workstation. Instead, expect to see the CPUs in pre-built workstations from Dell, HP, Lenovo and other manufacturers. Lenovo has also released the P330 workstation and Dell has released the Precision 3000 series.

Rajat Negi
Rajat Negi
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