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Learn yoga from your Bitmoji avatar on Snapchat in celebration of the International Yoga Day


The sixth edition of the International Yoga Day is here and this year you can try some easy to do Yoga poses with your Bitmoji avatar on Snapchat with your close friends! Whether you are a daily practitioner or a newbie it’s always fun to do things together. After all, shared moments are the best moments of our lives. Over the years, we have seen the rising importance of Yoga which is a natural form of exercise known to us. The ancient art of stretching your body and relaxing your mind needs very little time from your daily schedule but promises endless benefits.

Here is your quick Bitmoji Yoga guide to get started



*Press down into all four corners of your standing foot

*Find a point of focus with your eyes shut or open

*Keep your chest open and your chin level with the ground. Use your core

*Relax your shoulders and keep your hands folded

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*Stand up straight

*Ensure that your spine is erect and avoid hunching your back

*Allow your arms to hover on either side of your body

*Once you achieve balance, close your eyes and focus on your body and breath



*Sit down with your legs stretched out forward.

*Fold your right leg and drop your right knee to the right side.

*Fold the other leg and form a cross with your calf muscles.

*Straighten your back and place the back of your palms on your knees.

It is always advised to consult your physician before you start any vigorous activity at home. Please do practice intense yoga under professional supervision to reduce chances of injury.

Rajat Negi
Rajat Negihttps://www.gizmotech.in
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