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Samsung Introduces Galaxy X: World’s First 5G Foldable Phone


It’s been a long time to spread the news if Samsung will make a cell phone that can be bent, but it’s still constrained on the screen. But at the 2018 company developer conference in San Francisco, Samsung introduced a flexible screen prototype called Infinity Flex.

Samsung wants to take the opportunity to showcase how UI and UX work on flexible screens, so developers can create applications to optimize it. Samsung details how the display is made. Using flexible panel technology, and Samsung must create a new protective layer with sophisticated polymers that are flexible and resilient.

According to Samsung, it must use a special folding adhesive too, to ensure the screen stays together in folding mode and when expanded. The screen is also super thin, durable and flexible.

When closed, the screen looks like an ordinary smartphone , and the lid can be used to display information such as weather and time. Then it can be opened like a book to display a 7.3-inch screen that functions similar to a miniature tablet. According to Samsung, this screen can display three applications simultaneously or what is referred to as a multi-active window, Samsung has named this as Galaxy X.

But it seems that Samsung’s innovation is not ready to release a device with this type of screen. Samsung said it would start mass production of new display types in the coming months. Most likely at the CES exhibition in Las Vegas to see well on devices that have finished with the Infinity Flex.

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