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Sony Launches Smart Speaker SRS-RA3000 at Rs 19,999


Sony announced the launch of SRS-RA3000, its latest premium wireless speakers. The RA3000 offers the beauty of Sony’s unique spatial sound technologies packed with smart features. The speakers will fill your room with your favorite background music and is a perfect companion to create a calm and unobtrusive atmosphere.

360 Reality Audio and Ambient room-filling sound

The new RA3000 speaker spreads background music both horizontally (wall-to-wall) and vertically (floor-to-ceiling) with Immersive Audio Enhancement and Sony’s 360 Reality Audio content playback.

It provides Immersive Audio Enhancement (IAE)  based on Sony’s unique algorithm, transforming 2-channel stereo tracks into ambient room-filling sound. For a experience like a well-designed café in your home through Sony’s unique spatial sound technologies.

Adjusts volume automatically

The new RA3000 analyses each track and automatically play them at a consistent volume to avoid the inconvenience of constantly picking up your smartphone or remote to adjust the volume after every few tracks.

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Customize your settings with the Sony | Music Center app

At the touch of your fingertips, control the RA3000 from your smartphone with the Sony | Music Center app. Control your playlist, adjust EQ settings or even turn on/off the Immersive Audio Enhancement and Auto Volume features by simply using the app.

Compatible with Spotify Connect

The RA3000 is compatible with Spotify connect for added convenience and flexibility. You can play Spotify directly through your speaker using the Spotify Connect™ app on your device for full remote control.

Price and Availability 

RA3000 will be available across Sony retail stores (Sony Center and Sony Exclusive), portal, major electronic stores and exclusively on Amazon e-commerce portal in India from 24th  February onwards. 

Model Best Buy (in INR) Availability 
SRS-RA3000 Rs. 19,990/-    24th February onwards 
Rajat Negi
Rajat Negi
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