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Benefits of having an Epson Projector at Home


Cinema at Home Made Easy

You may not be able to go to the cinemas for a while, but big-screen cinema can certainly come home to you. This means no crowds, no bad seats, no waiting – and most importantly – watch a great show or movie the way it was always meant to be seen: larger than life and with the controls in your hand. That’s what an Epson Home Theatre Projector is about – the perfect way for the family to gather together and share in a spectacular experience every time. Stream a favourite show, binge watch, catch the latest blockbuster, watch a great classic on the big screen, play mind-blowing games, watch that exciting live match or music concert on the biggest screen there is, all from the safety and comfort of your home.

Big Screen, Bigger Entertainment

There couldn’t have been a more opportune moment to pick up a projector for home, given the amount of time everyone is spending indoor these days. With a screen that goes up to 762 cm* (300 inch), where every tiny image seems to pop right off, it adds that next level wow factor to your regular home entertainment.

The scale an Epson Home Theatre projector offers goes way beyond any television screen, with multiple options for cinematic image control, rich images, easy plug and play setup and inputs from several devices. And it does not cost much!

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Easy to Setup

Contrary to what some may think, installing a projector takes very little effort, and it works for homes and rooms of any size. Epson’s Home Theatre Projectors are sleek, compact, light-weight, easy to install, and can be quickly set up anywhere in a room. You can have a permanent setup by mounting it to the ceiling, or put it on a shelf, or just bring it out and place it on the coffee table. Some models are easily portable, so you can enjoy a show even on the terrace or garden. To make your viewing experience even smoother, you can also seamlessly connect to your smart devices. And if the built-in speakers aren’t enough for you, you can plug into your own sound system.

An Offer You Cannot Refuse

If you thought owning a projector at home will cost you the earth then it’s time to think again. Epson has come up with a Cinema @ Home Offer package which lets you have an Epson EH-TW650 Home Theatre Projector along with a Yamaha YAS-209 Soundbar with a Subwoofer, and also a Milan 254 cm (100 inch) screen, all for Rs. 89,999/- So make staying at home extra special by never having to miss out on the big screen experience ever again!

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