OnePlus will soon unveil its first tablet – OnePlus Pad

Flagship Killer? Really.

Not long ago, OnePlus announced that it was becoming part of Oppo. The companies announced that they will unite their software and hardware product teams. And soon under the OnePlus brand, the first tablet will be released.

In the database of the European regulator, information was found that the OnePlus has registered the OnePlus Pad trademark. The application was submitted in January of this year, but the regulator approved it only on July 1. Thus, it is likely that the device has been in development for at least six months which may mean its early launch.

The tablet market has grown steadily since last year, but Apple and Samsung are still the main players. It’s worth noting that rumours have been circulating for months that Oppo, which owns OnePlus is gearing up to unveil its first tablet.

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Similar intentions were recently confirmed by Realme also owned by BBK, which owns Oppo. All three brands will likely feature very similar devices with minimal differences in design and performance.


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