Realme XT Exploded 24 Hours After Purchase; Here’s What Company Says

The company noted that this is due to the influence of “external forces”

Smartphones batteries have become safer and durable day by day, but still somehow few still explode due to many reasons. The recent case is of Realme XT explosion which happened in India.

As per a report from 91Mobiles. A user from India, Roshan Singh, says his brand new Realme XT smartphone exploded just 24 hours after purchase! This happened when the device was charging using the adapter that came with the smartphone.

“ For us, one of the key principles is product quality. Each smartphone manufactured by Realme undergoes a series of rigorous quality and durability check as customer safety is of utmost importance to us. According to our research, the smartphone was damaged due to external force. Smartphone User battery lights up when the smartphone is damaged from the outside “,

-Realme INDIA

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