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Snapchat Celebrates the Onset of Spring and Harvest Season in India Lenses customized for regions across the country


Celebrating India’s cultural diversity and our rich heritage, Snapchat has introduced localised lenses to mark the onset of Spring and Harvest season across the country. Though physically distant yet united in our efforts to keep the country safe, each one of us can welcome new beginnings and wish our friends and family abundance this year. The beautiful Spring festival is celebrated throughout the country, in the north and west we call it Vaisakhi, in the south – Puthandu or Vishu and in the East – Pana Sankranti, Bihu and Pahela Baisakh. For each region, there is a special filter that can be accessed through the Snapchat app or the code attached below.

Vaisakhi – April13 

Vaisakhi is traditionally observed in the North and West of India, celebrated with vigour and enthusiasm in Punjab. The celebrations are accompanied with traditional Punjabi delicacies ranging from chhole bhature, peele chawal (savoury yellow rice), makke ki roti with sarso ka saag, sweet lassi or buttermilk, gur ka halwa (jaggery halwa).

Pana Sankranti – Odhisha (Apr.13)

Pana Sankranti marks the beginning of the New Year in Odisha. It also marks the onset of ensuing summer season and is celebrated with much vigour throughout the state. The other highlight of this day is Bela Pana that is a special festive sweet drink made from milk, ripe fruit of bel and spices, shared on Odia new year.

Puthandu (Apr.14) – Tamil Nadu

The Tamil New Year follows the spring equinox and celebrates the first day of the traditional Tamil calendar. Additionally, two styles of mango-based pachadi dish, combines many bitter-sour-sweet-pungent flavors to mark Puthandu.

Vishu (Apr.14) – Kerala

Vishu is a Hindu festival celebrated in the South Indian state of Kerala. The festival marks the first day of Medam, the ninth month in the solar calendar followed in Kerala. The Vishu Sadya is almost identical to a Wedding Sadhya – the top half of the leaf is reserved for accompaniments and the bottom half for the staples and mains as in the case in most South Indian Banana Leaf Meals.

Bihu (Apr.14) – Assam

 The Rongali Bihu is the most important spring festival celebrated in Assam with community feasts. Rongali Bihu typically spans through a period of seven days, wherein each day holds significance.

Pahela Baishakh (Apr.14) – West Bengal and Tripura

Pahela Baishakh or Bangla Noboborsho is the first day of Bengali and by the people of Bengali heritage, irrespective of their religious faith.  The festival date is set according to the lunisolar Bengali calendar as the first day of its first month Boishakh.

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