VLC blacklisted Huawei mobiles from installing their video player


Android mobile manufacturers always start from the same base to develop their products. Google releases the source code of the different versions of the system and from there each brand modifies more or less the same to adapt it to their devices.

One of the most modified is Huawei, which implements its own graphic layer, EMUI. Thanks to it, we have a good management of the battery but also problems with some applications, which cannot stay in the background in a simple way.


PSA: @HuaweiMobile phones are now blacklisted and cannot get VLC on the Play Store.
Their ridiculous policy of killing all background apps (except their own) breaks VLC audio background playback (of course).
See https://t.co/QzDW7KbV4I and many other reports…@HuaweiFr

— VideoLAN (@videolan) July 25, 2018

The criticism of the developer of this product has been very serious in recent times, and the vast majority were Huawei mobile users who saw their terminals close the app in the background.

The first impression for anyone is that the application works badly, but the reality is that you have to navigate through complex menus until you have access that prevents VLC from being left open in the background.

Therefore, developers have opted for something more media and aggressive: prevent Huawei users can download VLC from the official Android store.

Even so, if a user wants to install the APK manually, they can do it, and the application will work, although it will give the same problems in order to use it in the background.


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