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Will Instagram Hide the Number of Likes?


Instagram seems to be testing one of its potential new features. This is known from Jane Manchun Wong, who is arguably Evan Blass for social media affairs.

He wrote that Instagram is conducting a trial to eliminate the number of likes obtained in upload in the feed. This makes the likes obtained by each post only visible to the uploader himself.

Later, broad users can only see who some of their friends like an upload. Instagram also explained why they did the trial.

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“We want your followers to focus on what you share, not on the number of likes you upload,” he wrote in the bar that appears when users see who likes their uploads.

Many netizens are praising this Instagram step. Some say this will help in developing a micro influencer business or new artists who need attention from social media users.

However, there is also Warganet who claims to be happy to see the number of likes obtained by an upload. If you, agree or not if Instagram really rolled out this new feature?

What is clear, this will make it difficult for the general public to know who the upload owner is with the next most likes. Maybe this will make the sensational egg hold its record longer than its predecessor.

Rajat Negi
Rajat Negi
Rajat Negi is the founder of Gizmo Tech and is an active blogger and social media influencer. Rajat has contributed to several articles for various publishers. He also works as a social media influencer for various popular brands. Rajat can be reached at [email protected]


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