With the release of Devil May Cry 5 all over the world, it became immediately apparent that there is a difference between different versions of the game. And it is a bit more censored in Western copies for the PlayStation 4.

After a few hours in the game, Trish, a female character, appears completely naked. While this can be seen on the Xbox One and PC, on the PS4 the scene is censored due to the purple highlights.

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Take a look at the comparison below:

Apparently, censorship appeared in the patch of the first day, so you can avoid installing it. An interesting additional detail (discovered by YouTube user under the nickname of Naughty Gaming 2) is that censorship was applied only to the western version of the PS4 game. The Japanese version on the Sony console is identical to the Xbox One and the PC in this regard.

The game was released on March 8 2019, for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.