A few months ago, Microsoft confirmed that it would update its old artificial aircraft simulation game, Flight Simulator, with improved graphics quality. This week, Microsoft uploaded a teaser video to showcase a number of locations in various parts of the world that will be searchable when users act as pilots in the game. If you look carefully, the graphic display of the simulator game exhibited in the teaser video titled “World Preview” looks amazing.

Image quality through the perspective of satellite imagery also looks realistic, aka near to the original image or condition. The graphic quality that is served in this game itself can look like the real world because it is processed with machine learning technology.

With this technology, Microsoft takes a number of information from the Bing Maps database and Azure cloud services, then makes it as graphical information on the environment in the game. Back to the teaser, video footage itself is the first video from the series of videos Feature Discovery Series which will be released Microsoft is gradually beginning October 10. Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released in 2020 on the PC platform. Xbox game consoles will catch up. Even so, there is no information regarding the exact date.

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For now, enthusiasts can peek at any features that will be present in Microsoft Flight Simulator by becoming a member of Insider. Insider is a term for players who try out the beta version of the simulation game. To register to become an Insider, users can log in using their respective Microsoft accounts at the following link.