A few weeks ago Gigabyte listed Intel’s Coffee Lake Refresh (CFL-R) T series processor on its website, and now has more details about these processors.

The new T-Series processor will launch in May 15.

As leaked by momomo_us we’re expected to get 7 Core versions and 3 Pentium versions of this low power lineup, namely:


Sitting on top is the Core i9-9900T packing 8 Cores and 16 Threads at a base frequency of just 2.1 GHz to achieve the 35W TDP mark. The i5-9400T with 6 Cores and 6 Threads has an even lower base clock of 1.8 GHz.

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  • Core i9-9900T
  • Core i7-9700T
  • Core i5-9600T
  • Core i5-9500T
  • Core i5-9400T
  • Core i3-9300T
  • Core i3-9100T
  • Pentium G5600T
  • Pentium G5420T
  • Pentium G4930T

Intel 9000 series processors with a “T” suffix have the same core count and cache size as their standard version and are still manufactured using Intel’s Coffee Lake architecture and 14nm ++ process. The biggest difference between the T series and the standard processor comes down to optimization to reduce power consumption. As a result, the T-series chips operate at lower clock speeds and adhere to 35W TDP (thermal design power), making them ideal for small form factor (SFF) systems.