These features were initially made available for beta users, now rolling out to everyone.

WhatsApp confirms the announcement that was previously submitted, which will delete all chat and old data that is not backed up. “Cleanup” was promised to start on November 12, 2018.

So, for users who have not backed up chat and their data that is considered important on Google Drive, they will lose their chat history due to the action of “cleaning” it.

Last August, WhatsApp reached an agreement with Google to store user-owned content on Google Drive. However, there is no mention of how much the maximum storage capacity users can use.

WhatsApp also warned that data backups that were not updated more than one year would also be automatically deleted from Google Drive. This decision will actually make it easier for users when they will reload their data on other Android smartphones.

Android users can update and reset the frequency of updates, as long as they have a personal account on Google.

The backup method is quite easy, you only need to open WhatsApp, then tap three points in the top right corner, select Settings and select Chat Backup. Have you backed up data and chat on WhatsApp?