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Intel Tiger Lake Processor Appear in UserBenchmark


The first benchmarks of an Intel Tiger Lake processor belonging to the Y range have been seen by the popular UserBenchmark program. The processor in question that appears there seems to be an initial engineering sample, not a complete pre-production model. Therefore, its specifications may change in the future. Remember that this new Intel processor architecture would be the one to replace the current Intel Ice Lake that has just reached the market.

The Intel Tiger Lake architecture made into the news when the company made it’s Intel Investors Day 2019 last May 2019. As we have already said, this architecture would be the one that would take over from the current Intel Ice Lake architecture. The few processors that are coming to the market all belong to the range of laptops. In fact, desktop processors are not expected to arrive until the end of this year 2019 or early 2020.

  • Results for Intel Tiger Lake Y on UserBenchmark
This processor, as we have already mentioned, is an engineering sample and, therefore, its specifications are not final.

In the captures, we can see how the new Intel Tiger Lake has an internal composition consisting of four cores with HyperThreading activated, which gives a total of 8 process threads. This type of configuration is quite common in Intel Core i5 and i7 processors for the segment of portable and ultra-portable computers with very low consumption.

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The processor seems to work with a base frequency of 1.2 GHz, which can go up to 2.9 GHz when its Boost mode is activated. Even so, it should be taken into account that it would be one of the first engineering samples of these new Intel processors. And that, according to UserBenchmark, the processor would have been throttling during 83% of the test, so the final frequencies could be much higher when they reach the market.

Intel Tiger Lake would use an iGPU Gen 12

Just as Intel Ice Lake is expected to use an integrated graphics card belonging to the Gen11, Intel Tiger Lake would use an iGPU based on its next Xe graphics cards, which would form the Gen12. In the case of the engineering sample with which the tests have been done, this iGPU would belong to the LP (Low Power) range.

Likewise, it is interesting to see that the RAM used in the tests is of the LPDDR4 type. Which would confirm that the memory controller of this new architecture is still being developed to use this type of RAM and not the next DDR5 RAM.

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